SEND / Inclusion

Nurturing your Potential. Supporting your growth and development

It is Sir Frederic Osborn (SFO) School’s belief that all students should be catered for according to their individual needs. We have students of all abilities at SFO.  Support, care and guidance provide by the Inclusion team is dependent on individual needs. We have a carefully planned transition programme to ensure that information about students in passed on and shared amongst staff.  We also carry out regular screening of students throughout the year groups and casual admissions to ensure that we have not missed any learning needs.

We have a dedicated Learning Support Staff team, of teaching assistants and higher level teaching assistants led by an experienced SENCO. They work with our students in and out of the class room to support students learning, give guidance and support independence throughout the seven years in school. This enables our students to experience a curriculum which is challenging and accessible. The diversity of skills within the team ensures we are able to support a wide range of difficulties and disabilities.

All staff play an important pastoral role within the school; in particular Tutors provide excellent essential support for all students. This is especially important for students transferring from Primary School and supporting our older students as they approach their final exams.


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