School Uniform

All students in Years 7 to 11 wear school uniform.  This is to provide students with a sense of pride in Sir Frederic Osborn School, discourage competition over dress and prevent students from wearing unsuitable clothes to school.  We ask that ALL items are clearly labelled with the student's name.

General Appearance

  • Students should look smart, clean and tidy at all times.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times with top button done up.
  • Hair must be a natural colour and no extreme hair styles are acceptable.
  • Make-up and nail varnish is not to be worn by any student in school. (Students will be required to remove make-up and nail varnish.)
  • On the grounds of Health & Safety, students must not wear any other jewellery, except for a watch.  However, students who have pierced ears may wear one small stud (no sleepers) in each ear, but these must be removed for all PE lessons.  NO other body piercings or earrings designed to stretch the ear lobe are allowed.  Should students wear jewellery this will be confiscated and placed in the school safe until the end of term.
  • Tie and Blazer must be worn on site.

Black shoes
Plain black or white ankle socks
Plain black trousers
White shirt with stiff collar (long or short sleeved) 
Maroon sweater with school logo (recommended)
Black blazer with school badge

School tie -  Key Stage 3 - maroon + white stripes Key Stage 4 - plain maroon

Black shoes
Plain black or white ankle socks (no frills/lace, trainer or knee high socks)
Plain black tights
Plain black skirt which must be worn to the knee or plain black tailored trousers (not jeggings/leggings)
White shirt with stiff collar (long & short sleeved)
Maroon sweater with school logo (recommended)
Black Blazer with school badge
School Tie - Key Stage 3 maroon + white stripes Key Stage 4 - plain maroon

Games / PE Kit



                                                           Year 7 – 9 (KS3)

  • Maroon and blue games jersey
  • Maroon shorts
  • White polo shirt with SFO & Sports College Logo
  • SFO Maroon football socks 


  • Maroon shorts or Maroon skort or both
  • White polo shirt with SFO & Sports College Logo
  • SFO Maroon football socks 

       General  (both Boys & Girls)

  • Indoor non-marking Trainers – NO PLIMSOLLS & NO LEGGINGS AT ANYTIME
  • Football boots
  • Shin pads
  • Gum shield for rugby (mouth guards Web:

      Optional Kit  (both Boys & Girls)

  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms or SFO logo tracksuit bottoms
  • Plain black round neck sweatshirt or SFO logo sweatshirt  

All the above are available from our uniform supplier: 

Stevensons - click here to go to their website 


                                                                 Year 10 – 11 (KS4)
  • Maroon and blue games jersey
  • Maroon shorts
  • White polo shirt with SFO & Sports College Logo
  • SFO Maroon football socks 
  • Maroon shorts or Maroon Skort or both
  • White polo shirt with SFO & Sports College Logo
  • SFO Maroon football socks 
        General  (both Boys & Girls)  
        Optional Kit  (both Boys & Girls)
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms or SFO logo tracksuit bottoms
  • Plain black round neck sweatshirt or SFO logo sweatshirt
Other Optional Kit
BTEC- Year 10 & 11 - Sport Polo shirt (White)
Dance  - Year 10 & 11 - Polo shirt (Grape)
GCSEPE Polo shirt (White)
Sports Studies- Year 12 & 13 - Polo shirt (White)
A Level - PE Polo shirt (White)
Dance -  Year 12 & 13 – Polo shirt (womens Navy)
Items are all available from Stevensons 131- 135 Victoria Street, St Albans, Herts AL1 3XS


School Bag


It is essential that all students should have a bag strong enough to protect their books and belongings from damage and the weather.  Plastic shopping bags are not acceptable and break too easily.


All students will need, as essential items of equipment: -

* An ink pen such as a ‘Berol’ Handwriting pen;
* At least two pencils and sharpener;
* An eraser;
* A 30 cm rule (marked in mms. and cms. on at least one edge);
* A protractor;
* A pair of compasses;
* A set of coloured pencils (felt tip pens are not recommended);
* A good English dictionary (e.g. Collins Compact Dictionary);
* A basic function calculator;

Many of these items are available at cost price from the Learning Resource Centre


School shoes (not trainers) MUST be worn in all technology areas for safety reasons.

Students will be taught the fundamentals of Health and Safety good practice and will be provided with safety glasses when appropriate.

It would be helpful if students in Year 7 were provided with a basic sewing kit (pins, needles, tape measure) to be used during the Textiles module.

A wide choice of menus is provided to suit all family tastes, including vegetarian, for the “Food” modules.

 Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Pupils will learn skills in developing multimedia content.

* A small set of headphones will be useful

 Modern Foreign Languages

The MFL Department would like students to provide their own English/French dictionary for modern language lessons in Year 7.

There will be an opportunity for all students to learn a second foreign language, Spanish, in Year 8.

 Lost Property

Lost property is kept in Reception.  If an item of property is lost it should be reported immediately to the Form Tutor and we shall make every effort to recover it.  The student should go to the school Reception, at break or lunchtime, to see whether it has been handed in.  It is worth noting that many items of lost property, some of them of considerable value, are never reclaimed.

Unclaimed lost property is taken to local charity shops for disposal at the end of every half term.  In order to reduce the quantity of possessions that are lost or stolen, we would be grateful if you, as parents, could reinforce the following advice which we give to all students.

Leave expensive articles, such as mobile ‘phones, radios, CD players, or jewellery, at home.

If you have to bring more than £3 in money to school, give it to your Form Tutor for safe keeping

NEVER leave money or valuables in your locker, or in your coat pocket if it is unattended.

When you change for P.E. or Drama, hand in all your money and valuables to the teacher.

Take all your possessions and Games kit home at the end of each day.

Every effort will be made to protect students' belongings from loss, theft or damage, but the school is not allowed to accept any legal responsibility for personal property and equipment brought to school.

You are strongly advised to insure yourself against damage or loss of your child's property.  Such cover can usually be included in household insurance.  The County Council also offer, through a reputable insurance company, a comprehensive property and injury cover for, usually, less than £10 per year.

NB:  Mobile ‘phones are brought to school at the owners’ own risk and should not be used in lesson time.


Parents of students who wish to ride a bicycle to school are asked to ensure that:

* The bicycle is in a safe and roadworthy condition;
* The bicycle is securely locked during the school day; and
* Students are encouraged to wear a cycle helmet.

For safety reasons, students must walk their bicycles on footpaths in the school grounds.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in permission to bring a bicycle to school being withdrawn.

Senior staff, occasionally helped by the local community Police, conduct periodic inspections of bicycles and, if any are found to be un-roadworthy, the owners are instructed not to bring them to school until the necessary repairs or adjustments have been made.


The school will occasionally use photographs of students to demonstrate activities and achievements.  If you do not wish photographs of your child to be used please confirm this on the Student Registration Form.

Motorcycles – students in the upper school are permitted to ride motorcycles to school once they have shown appropriate Insurance and licence authorisation to school.  These are parked at school at the  owners risk.


Lockers are available in school for all students who wish to use one.  Students will need to provide their own padlock and key.  Details of this facility are available from Form Tutors after term starts.


Your child will have a number of opportunities to take part in excursions or trips.  Please note that the cost of each trip normally contains a deposit which cannot be refunded on cancellation unless another student fills that place.

Parents who experience financial difficulty in connection with educational visits should contact the Head of Year as soon as possible.  In some circumstances financial assistance may be available.


Governors have agreed that parents may be asked for voluntary contributions for:

* Some visits
* Materials for Technology if it is intended that the student will be taking the product home, for example food prepared in school.
* Physical Education opportunities not available on site.